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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Newsmax Column: People Will Die If Obamacare Is Left Intact

People Will Die If Obamacare Is Left Intact

Image: People Will Die If Obamacare Is Left Intact
An Obamacare logo is shown on the door of the UniVista Insurance agency in Miami, Florida, on January 10, 2017. (Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images)
By Chuck MorseTuesday, 27 Jun 2017 01:11 PMCurrent | Bio | Archive
People will die if Obamacare is left intact. And more people will die if Obamacare achieves its ultimate objective, a so-called single payer system, or universal healthcare. That is when the government pays for all your healthcare, when the government decides what is appropriate healthcare for you and then doles out the care.
If you came down with a catastrophic illness which would you rather have, your own private health insurance coverage or the government deciding on your coverage? Private insurance, like much else in the private sector, can be corrupt which is why it is appropriate for the government to regulate it. But, if you must go to the hospital, your insurance company, and your boss, are more likely to get you the coverage you need than the government which will, without question, ration the care. When the government coverage runs out, as it does with Medicare, you would then be left to die unless you have your own private supplemental insurance coverage. Single payer would restrict access to coverage and Obamacare already has as insurance companies drop out of the market.
The two models that are often held up by advocates of Obamacare as notable examples of socialized medicine are the systems in Great Britain and Canada. Yet those two systems don’t count the numbers of people who have died due to rationing or having to wait too long for care. They don’t keep those stats. They don’t mention the treatments they ban and the doctors they charge with a crime for providing those forbidden services.
If the Obamacare advocates are so concerned about health than why do they oppose lifting the cap on private insurance accounts? These accounts, often funded by matching funds between employer and employee, are interest bearing accounts and the funds specifically earmarked for insurance and medical expenses. Why are they against cross-state competition for insurance companies and why do they oppose the importation of drugs?
Thee Obamacare lobbyists got mandates for everything from sex change to abortifacients, both of which are boons to insurance companies. The hundreds of mandates that are embedded into Obamacare are the primary cause of the prohibitive cost of premiums. Along with the deductibles, the premiums can be so expensive that it might end up costing as much as ten thousand dollars before you can get a flu shot. The private sector would permit these mandates to become voluntary insurance riders subject to demand.
The Obamacare advocates talk about funds cut for opioid addiction but what does Obamacare offer other than more addictive drugs such as Methadone? Where, exactly do those billions of dollars go? The free market would open the possibility of more organic, safer, more effective and less expensive treatments. The shrill proclaimers that cuts to Medicaid would throw people off insurance fail to mention that many states have expanded Medicaid beyond coverage to the poor which is the original mission of Medicaid. A better economy, and a lowering the cost of insurance once the mandates and other regulations are removed, would go a long way toward helping make insurance affordable to the middle and working class.
Getting rid of a big government program, one that artificially increases the cost of healthcare while in enriches special interests and bureaucrats, would be a historic event. Yet this must be done if we are to save and advance the best medical system known to man and if, as such, we are to save lives. I’m not sure that any such program has ever been scuttled in history without a revolution.
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Newsmax Column: Why Do Some Moderates Hate Trump?

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Why Do Some Moderates Hate Trump?

Image: Why Do Some Moderates Hate Trump?
(Win McNamee/Getty Images)
By Chuck MorseMonday, 05 Jun 2017 11:34 AMCurrent | Bio | Archive
I understand why hard-core leftists hate President Donald Trump. If I were a leftist I would hate him too. They hate Trump because he is dismantling the administrative state they have been building and staffing for generations. Trump threatens to transfer governing powers from the unelected administrative class, the bureaucracies that rarely change regardless of who is elected. These appointed professionals have gotten used to making laws which they give other names like “guidelines” or “directives.” Trump is giving governing powers back to the people and their lawfully elected representatives.
They hate Trump because he opposes open borders, high taxes, a weakened military, appeasement abroad, and autocratic judges who make laws from the bench. The hate Trump because he favors business and capitalism. They hate Trump most of all for putting America first and for asserting American national sovereignty as a progressive and democratic value. They hate Trump because he defends religious freedom and the family.
But why do the moderates from both parties hate Trump?
Because most average people crave social acceptance. They want to be one of the beautiful people. They hear glamorous Hollywood actors spewing hate for Trump and they want to be like them. They sincerely want to feel like they are a part of something righteous, something that will make the world a better place, and they are vulnerable to the pitch of the hard-left authoritarians. They want an uncomplicated way to feel good about themselves. They conform to the way of the bullies because, at some unconscious level, they don’t want to be in their cross-hairs.
Can the moderates be reached?
Firstly, it is an exercise in futility to attempt to reach the hard-core left. They are at war with us and, as such, they must either be ignored or met on the rhetorical field of battle and defeated at every opportunity. As far as the moderates are concerned, they should be approached with tolerance, patience and love. They can be reached with simple expressions of reason. They have not likely ever thought through or even know about the public policies that President Trump is attempting to enact. They can be reached with simple common sense.
They should be asked questions in a friendly atmosphere. They should be asked whether they think high taxes help the poor. Why is it humane to open the borders of America to mass immigration and how do they think this might affect them and the future of the country? Do they care about American labor interests? Does the climate agreement do anything to improve America’s air quality or, for that matter, that of any other nation? Who gets the 100 billion in taxpayer money that would’ve been donated to the climate change authorities? Do they support sun setting onerous regulations that are expensive and that hurt our businesses and compromise our individual freedom? Isn’t reducing the cost and size of government good government policy? 
If they had to go to the hospital, which would they rather have, private insurance, as flawed as it might be, or the government deciding which form of healthcare that they will receive and how much? Do they think it’s a clever idea to force inner city poor kids to go to these big schools run by change-agents or would those kids be better off with a voucher that would enable their parents to choose a better school?
These are just a few starters in terms of questions that you might ask your Trump hating friends and colleagues. Proceed with caution and care. Please feel free to make your own list.
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